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Compañeros - US poster

Compañeros – US poster

This poster is just ridiculous nonsense. Look at that gun! Look at the inexplicable severed head! How could one not be desperate to watch this movie after encountering a poster such as this?
Bunny Lake Is Missing - UK poster

Bunny Lake Is Missing – UK poster

While Otto Preminger may not be an obscure name in the world of cinema, I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to feature the post for his 1965 film Bunny Lake Is Missing.
Rattlers - US poster

Rattlers – US poster

I think what fascinates me so much about this poster for Rattlers is the way it merges 50s illustrative design sensibilities with a distinctive mid-70s aesthetic. It has the effect of placing the film outside of time and place.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - German poster

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – German poster

It's probably pretty dumb to include a movie like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on Mondo Exploito, but I'm super drunk and this German version of the poster really hurt my mind.
Dolly Dearest - Ghanaian poster

Dolly Dearest – Ghanaian poster

Mondo Exploito has explored the world of Ghanaian film posters before, but the following poster has not been featured here yet. I think it should be because it scares the absolute hell out of me.
Trójkat Bermudzki - Polish poster

Trójkat Bermudzki – Polish poster

Although vaguely familiar with the name Wojciech Wójcikn, I know nothing about the film for which this poster was made. What I do know is upon finding this poster, I was unable to look away for a good while, which suggests it is perfect fodder for poster of the week. Movie: Trójkat Bermudzki Director: Wojciech...
RIP Andrzej Żuławski

RIP Andrzej Żuławski

Żuławski helped introduce the world to the rich tapestry of cinematic expression occurring in Eastern Europe and for that, I am personally very thankful.
Radioactive Dreams - US poster

Radioactive Dreams – US poster

This poster for the 1985 comedy Radioactive Dreams is so gorgeously illustrated that it actually causes pain within my person.
Search and Destroy aka Striking Back - US posters

Search and Destroy aka Striking Back – US posters

I have a two'fer for you this week. The same film with different titles, each title given its own utterly nonsense poster. I couldn't decide which to pick, so I opted for both, because just look at them.
The Navy vs. the Night Monsters - US poster

The Navy vs. the Night Monsters – US poster

Everything about The Navy vs The Night Monsters screams "ill-conceived monster movie". I'm sure at the very least it was rare to posit the navy as the hero against ungodly creatures.
Black Crows - Czech poster

Black Crows – Czech poster

Just look at this stunning poster for the Norwegian film Black Crows. It was designed by Eva Heřmanská and embraces the hands on approach to design technique that often demarcates Eastern European poster design from this period.
Nurse Sherri - US poster

Nurse Sherri – US poster

I have never seen anyone quite so excited about nearby gravedigging. Was that really the brief given to the artist? Nurse has orgasm next to gravedigging? I hope so.