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Rock n' Roll Cop (1994)

Rock n’ Roll Cop (1994)

Would you like some pre-Hong-Kong-handover cultural semiotics with your violent, freewheeling good-cop melodrama?   ROCK N’ ROLL COP original title: Saang Gong yat ho tung chap faan Hong Kong, 1994, Che Kirk Wong “I want to kill you, on behalf of heaven!”A resolutely psychedelic opening features what I can only describe as a celestial demon-sea-horse,...
Lewd Lizard (1985)

Lewd Lizard (1985)

“I can love and ruin you!” This extremely questionable specimen may or may not be the only existent ‘lizard rape’ film. Lewd Lizard is Wai Wang’s only film as a writer-director, but you may recognize him from his troublingly prolific acting career (Mini-Skirt Gang, Oily Maniac, Oriental Playgirls.) Auspicious beginnings. The film, perhaps rightly, has...