Poster of the Week
Molester's Train - Japanese poster

Molester’s Train – Japanese poster

Molesting people on trains. It seems like it would be an absurdly specific fetish yet it spawned an entire sub-genre of pink films. We live in a strange and hilarious world.
The Case of the Bloody Iris - Italian poster

The Case of the Bloody Iris – Italian poster

There's little I like in this world more than sleazy Italian posters for sleazy giallos.
Scorpio 70 - US poster

Scorpio 70 – US poster

This is one of those posters I had to spend several minutes looking at to ensure I was definitely a part of waking life and not merely dreaming.
Evils of the Night - US poster

Evils of the Night – US poster

Combine that synopsis with the following beautiful poster and we could have one of the greatest films ever made on our hands. We don't, of course... but we could.
Heroes Three - Spanish poster

Heroes Three – Spanish poster

Mid-punch action! Beams of light! Furious faces! Weapons! I highly recommend clicking through to see a blown up version of this out of control poster for Heroes Three!
Young Doctors In Love - US poster

Young Doctors In Love – US poster

While the humour inherent in this poster is clearly intended given the spoof nature of the film itself, I really have to give the designer credit for executing the concept in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Girls, Girls, Girls - German poster

Girls, Girls, Girls – German poster

I don't know what this movie is, but its poster is seriously freaking me out.
Sodomia - Spanish poster

Sodomia – Spanish poster

I really don't know what I could possibly say about a poster like this to do it justice. I am still kind of dumbfounded it exists.
Orloff and the Invisible Man - French poster

Orloff and the Invisible Man – French poster

I've definitely watched Orloff and the Invisible Man — or whatever other title you know it under — but I have zero memory of it. I think I might have liked it. Either way, I love this purple-drenched French poster for it!
The Glove - US poster

The Glove – US poster

Anyone who knows me will tell you that 'Scary Glove Films' are among my favourite genre. Rather than obfuscate the impact of a scary glove behind stylish titles, Ross Hagen's The Glove celebrates its obsession with scary gloves.
Manhattan Baby - US poster

Manhattan Baby – US poster

I imagine most of my fellow Fulci fanatics would agree Manhattan Baby is not a high point in the great goremaster's career. This lacklustre shitter has, however, inspired a lot of great poster art.
Compañeros - US poster

Compañeros – US poster

This poster is just ridiculous nonsense. Look at that gun! Look at the inexplicable severed head! How could one not be desperate to watch this movie after encountering a poster such as this?