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Hausu (1977) - full soundtrack

Hausu (1977) – full soundtrack

This is a short post tonight because, quite frankly, if you haven’t seen Nobuhiko Ôbayashi’s 1977 mindfuck, ‘Hausu’, there is very little I can say about it. All I can suggest is that you watch it. The soundtrack is just as confusing as the film itself, featuring corny synth pop jingles, swampy blues, woeful vocal numbers, funk and…...
Tres Mexicanos Ardientes (1986)

Tres Mexicanos Ardientes (1986)

Gilberto Martínez Solares is known as one of Mexico’s most prolific filmmakers. As national cinema grew in the 40s and 50s, Solares was one of the names behind the growth, wearing a multiplicity of hats that included actor, director, cinematographer and screenwriter. While he wrote and directed almost every genre conceivable, I think Solares’ legacy...
Consenting Adults - US poster

Consenting Adults – US poster

While I’m in charge of the poster of the week, I’m just going to post porn! ‘Consenting Adults’ was directed by pornographic luminary, Gerard Damiano, who was the randy cad responsible for a little flick called, ‘Deep Throat’. This film also starred a slightly less hairy Ron Jeremy. All that is by the by though…...
How to help your fellow man according to The Pig Keeper's Daughter

How to help your fellow man according to The Pig Keeper’s Daughter

Bethel Buckalew’s classic 1972 sleaze-fest, ‘The Pig Keeper’s Daughter’ contains so many scenes worthy of entry into ‘Clip of the Week’. Unfortunately most of them will never make it past YouTube’s ‘sex is bad’ policy. The following, beautiful scene walks a fine line, but I think it may just sneak through.
Young Einstein (1988)

Young Einstein (1988)

It was only a matter of time before this happened… before my childhood was dredged up in this way. The stories I could tell you about me and the Yahoo Serious trash classic, ‘Young Einstein’. It resides in a rare category of childhood film that I was obsessed by and watched repeatedly. If you were...
Anguirus (アンギラス Angirasu)

Anguirus (アンギラス Angirasu)

NAME: Anguirus (アンギラス Angirasu) FIRST APPEARS IN: Godzilla Raids Again, 1955 DESIGN FEATURES: – spiked shell-back – horned face – spine-covered tail SKILLS: – getting fucked up by Mechagodzilla – crawling around on his hands and knees – communication through animated speech bubbles (see: Godzilla vs. Gigan) – befriending Godzilla MONSTER SOUNDS: Anguirus doesn’t get...
Slip of the Tongue - US poster

Slip of the Tongue – US poster

Classic porn posters are some of my favourite movie posters in existence. I haven’t seen the bellow film. I can’t even find information about who directed this film, but holy wow! It sure has an unbelievable poster. If anyone out there in Mondo Land know who directed this gem, please let us know. Movie: Slip...
Manic melting vampires in Adventures of Electric Rod Boy

Manic melting vampires in Adventures of Electric Rod Boy

Shinya Tsukamoto’s Adventures of Electric Rod Boy (1987) plays out like a warmup for Tetsuo, The Iron Man (1989). It has the same manic energy with its blinding editing and use of animation, but in tone it has more in common with a Nobuhiko Obayashi film than the Tetsuo series. For Tsukamoto fans, this is...
Steven Seagal's DTV era, 2002 to 2012 - Part II: The Five Worst

Steven Seagal’s DTV era, 2002 to 2012 – Part II: The Five Worst

So last week I had the surprisingly hard task of picking my five favourite Seagal direct-to-video era flicks. Not hard because I couldn’t think of five, but hard because I actually had to leave off a few I dig, such as Pistol Whipped (2008) and A Dangerous Man (2009). Yes, I’ve gotten to such a...
Lady Terminator - Souls on Fire

Lady Terminator – Souls on Fire

I was introduced to ‘Lady Terminator’ by my good friend (and Mondo Exploito founder), Dave. I’ll lay all my cards on the table now (they have topless people on them)… I had never heard of ‘Lady Terminator’ until the day of a much-hyped film swap between Dave and myself finally arrived. He came to my...
Lewd Lizard (1985)

Lewd Lizard (1985)

“I can love and ruin you!” This extremely questionable specimen may or may not be the only existent ‘lizard rape’ film. Lewd Lizard is Wai Wang’s only film as a writer-director, but you may recognize him from his troublingly prolific acting career (Mini-Skirt Gang, Oily Maniac, Oriental Playgirls.) Auspicious beginnings. The film, perhaps rightly, has...
Call of the Wild - Cuban poster

Call of the Wild – Cuban poster

I don’t see much emphasis on Cuban film posters among enthusiasts, which is a great shame. As you can see from this beautiful poster for Ken Annakin’s, ‘Call of the Wild’, Cuban poster art has much to offer. Movie: Call of the Wild Director: Ken Annakin Country of movie: USA Year of movie: 1972 Country...