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Braindead - Ghanaian poster

Braindead – Ghanaian poster

I really hope Peter Jackson has seen this amazing Ghanaian poster of his masterpiece, Braindead (1992), or Dead Alive as it’s known in the States. Wowsers. Movie: Braindead Director: Peter Jackson Country of movie: New Zealand Year of movie: 1992 Country of poster: Ghana
A gross hallucination from Possessed

A gross hallucination from Possessed

I wouldn’t say Possessed (1983) is Hong Kong filmmaking at its finest, but, for all its (many) faults and sloppy pacing, it is entertaining. Perhaps the most frustrating problem with Possessed is how great its scenes of horror are – they are so rare that I was hugely frustrated and gagging for more in-between. My...
Spread Eagles - US poster

Spread Eagles – US poster

I am deeply in love with the poster for this 1968 obscuro, Spread Eagles. Its design is so simple, yet its impact is disorienting. The repetition of imagery is one technique I am always very fond of in design. Movie: Spread Eagles Director: Unlisted Producer: Kirt Films Country of movie: USA Year of movie: 1968...
Tiger lady dance from Vampire Circus

Tiger lady dance from Vampire Circus

Vampire Circus (1972) has got to be one of the oddest film’s in Hammer’s back catalogue. While it’s far from their best (mostly due to filming cut short due to budgetary constraints), it remains one of their more original and ambitious efforts from the 1970s. Here’s an especially fantastic scene…
The Art of Luis Buñuel Film Posters

The Art of Luis Buñuel Film Posters

A couple of years ago, I picked up this (now tragically out of print) Luis Buñuel collection for a suspiciously cheap price. For about 30 of my wacky Australian dollars, I got the collection of 7 films, all the prints of which are of high quality. Each film boasts special features and, something that excited...
Rock n' Roll Cop (1994)

Rock n’ Roll Cop (1994)

Would you like some pre-Hong-Kong-handover cultural semiotics with your violent, freewheeling good-cop melodrama?   ROCK N’ ROLL COP original title: Saang Gong yat ho tung chap faan Hong Kong, 1994, Che Kirk Wong “I want to kill you, on behalf of heaven!”A resolutely psychedelic opening features what I can only describe as a celestial demon-sea-horse,...
Saturday Night Special - US poster

Saturday Night Special – US poster

This poster arouses me at one level and repulses me at another. Such a confronting duality has earned ‘Poster of the Week’ status. Movie: Saturday Night Special Director: Sam Bloch Country of movie: USA Year of movie: 1976 Country of poster: USA
"We're British, you know!"

“We’re British, you know!”

Horror Express is easily my favourite Cushing/Lee vehicle. It has a great claustrophobic setting, a killer score, a great monster, disturbing death scenes and, of course, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee (they even team up in this one – a rare event). There’s some fantastic and cheesy lines delivered by the legendary duo. Here’s my...
BBC Radiophonic Workshop: The Alchemists of Sound

BBC Radiophonic Workshop: The Alchemists of Sound

Today I want to share one of my favourite documentaries regarding the art of sound. If you have any interest in early electronic music, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop should mean something to you. They were at the forefront of sound discovery. Perhaps the Radiophonic Workshop’s most famous claim to fame was the Doctor Who theme,...
Dr. Sex - US poster

Dr. Sex – US poster

Thanks to the efforts of the ever-wonder, Something Weird, Dr. Sex is one of those 60s sexploitation curios that hasn’t been lost to time. As it quite often the case with the sexploitation posters I make a habit of posting here, I haven’t seen the film in question. I really don’t know how it could...
Joysticks - You WILL NOT go to the arcade again

Joysticks – You WILL NOT go to the arcade again

Joysticks is one of those movies that, by law, I HAVE to like because it is, in some sense, about old videogames. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. The Wizard is a profound, life-changing movie, and Joysticks is the pinnacle of comedic genius. You can present me with all the empirical truth...
Blackenstein (1973)

Blackenstein (1973)

Blaxploitation comes in many forms, but by far the most exciting (for me at least) is blaxploitation horror. Sadly, there are all too few efforts in this particularly sub-genre. The most famous is, of course, Blacula and, to a lesser extent, its sequel. Blacula takes itself far more seriously than you’d expect, and its approach...