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Prince of Darkness - Thai poster

Prince of Darkness – Thai poster

Ah, Prince of Darkness. Probably my favourite John Carpenter flick. The thumping, hypnotic score, its grim tone, Donald Pleasence — it's so, so great. Also great is this Thai poster for Prince of Darkness, or, as they've opted to call it, Prince of Darkess.
A Clockwork Orgy's opening sequence

A Clockwork Orgy’s opening sequence

A parody of A Clockwork Orange from the mid-90s seems head-scratchingly anachronistic, but, strangely enough, A Clockwork Orgy puts in quite the effort when mimicking its source material.
The Bedroom (1992)

The Bedroom (1992)

Satō's films generally leave me feeling physically ill, and The Bedroom is no exception. The Bedroom is not graphic, but Satō's characteristically bold deconstruction of perversion, alienation, and voyeurism is unflinchingly grim.
Cat Sick Blues - Australian teaser poster

Cat Sick Blues – Australian teaser poster

This week's poster of the week is quite self-serving, but I am so excited, there's nothing else I could think of doing. Some of you may be aware that recently, several of the Mondo Exploito contributors have been involved in a Kickstarter campaign.
Kathleen Wilhoite's creative insults

Kathleen Wilhoite’s creative insults

Wilhoite pumps out some of the most gloriously creative insults I've ever heard. I can't decide on my favourite. It's either "dinosaur dork" or "jizzum breath".
Gabara (ガバラ)

Gabara (ガバラ)

Gabara is a hateable villain, and that's a good thing. When he receives his inevitable beating, it is almost as satisfying as watching Minilla being electrocuted. Almost.
Cara a Cara aka Face to Face - Brazillian poster

Cara a Cara aka Face to Face – Brazillian poster

This beautiful poster for 1967's Cara a Cara was created by Brazilian design luminary, Eduardo Muñoz Bachs. Bachs was a self-taught designer and children's book illustrator who provided his idiosyncratic style to over 2000 movie posters.
Detachable arm in Gamera vs. Viras

Detachable arm in Gamera vs. Viras

My favourite moment from Gamera vs. Viras is when the heroic child-stars of the film attempt to lasso an alien, which leads to an Nobuhiko Obayashi-esque airborne arm detachment.
Pandemonium (1987)

Pandemonium (1987)

Pandemonium is all a bit too much. At times I felt like Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Eyes forced open, burping and panicking, as a constant stream of mania spilled into my face.
Virgin Witch - US poster

Virgin Witch – US poster

There's not a lot to say about this poster for 1972's Virgin Witch. Either you love it, or you probably arrived at Mondo Exploito by mistake. It encapsulates early 70s exploitation.
"Show him how good your teeth are!"

“Show him how good your teeth are!”

I'm a big, big fan of Brian Yuzna. I can't get enough of his sleazy, gooey style, and The Dentist is one of his best. But it's not just Yuzna that brings the fun. Corbin Bernsen's off-the-rails performance has to be seen to be believed.
The Haunted Cop Shop (1987)

The Haunted Cop Shop (1987)

How deep did Wai's involvement run? I don't know. He may have written a really good script that was mostly ignored on set. Or, maybe, and I like think this is true, Wong Kar-Wai wrote a film where the protagonists kill a dog.