The Criterion Collection have made quite a name for themselves, not just for the films they have made available, but also for the often-gorgeous designs used for their packaging. It feels as though, on a whole, their designs haven’t been as routinely wonderful in recent as years as they had been in the past, but with the recent unveiling of their upcoming release of Scanners, all is forgiven. This may be their most beautifully designed release to date. Criterion’s design stable have been quite good to Cronenberg. Their design for the release of Videodrome is another favourite of mine.

This cover was illustrated by Connor Willumsen, a name I doubt I will be forgetting any time soon. As this release has just been announced, I have been unable to find any high resolution versions of the cover. Apologies for that.


Movie: Scanners
Director: David Cronenberg
Country of movie: Canada
Year of movie: 1981
Country of cover: USA