What happens when you let a stuntman direct a film? You get Action U.S.A.! A film that lives up to the “action” in its title tenfold! Action U.S.A. is nonstop death-defying stunts! Car chases! Helicopters! Punching! Kicking! Explosions! The story has something to do with diamonds… I think… I can’t remember the details. But screw the story! There’s no time for story when there’s shit to be blown up! AND THERE IS SHIT TO BE BLOWN UP. This week’s clip is my favourite scene of shit blowing up in Action U.S.A.. The house of some superfluous hicks gets in the way of a car chase, and, for some reason, IT BLOWS UP! (Was there a meth lab in the basement?)

PS: Can anyone make out what the guy in the singlet yells? I think I heard “god damn it” and “baboon”.