Cat Sick BluesIt’s rare that we promote our own personal projects on the site. I’m not good at self-promotion. I hate it. Even before typing this paragraph I felt a little sick that I was arrogant enough to select the category of “Worthy Kickstarter Projects” for this post. But what I’m writing about today is a project that not only involves a whole bunch of us at Mondo Exploito, it’s also a project that is very close to my heart — something I’ve poured buckets loads of stress, passion, and fake blood into. This is a post about Cat Sick Blues, which will be — if we reach our target — a feature length horror film about a sex-fiend, cat mask-wearing serial killer called Ted.


Cat Sick Blues sounds absolutely ridiculous in concept. And it is absolutely ridiculous. But it is also a highly personal film for myself (I’ll be directing, I also co-wrote the script) and co-writer Andrew Gallacher. It’s a film about the soul-crushing sadness we feel when our beloved pets die — in this case, a cat. Our leading character, Ted, is a murdering lunatic, but he murders with a purpose. A totally insane and misguided purpose. He believes that killing nine people and draining their blood in a bizarre voodoo like ritual will bring back his dead cat, Patrick. It probably won’t though.

I’m not the only Mondo Exploito writer involved with Cat Sick Blues. Producing the film is Matthew C. Vaughan, one of our most prolific contributors. Providing the music score and much of the design of our posters and Facebook page is the absurdly talented Matthew Revert, who Mondo Exploito readers will no doubt be familiar with through his fantastic articles about exploitation movie scores and poster art. Both Matts are close personal friends of mine — they are fantastic human beings — and I’m really, really excited about collaborating with them on a project I’m so emotionally attached to.


If you feel like Cat Sick Blues is up your alley (if you read Mondo Exploito, I’m going to assume it is), then we would be forever grateful for your backing. We’re not asking for money for nothing. There are heaps of rewards — a download of the final product, a DVD, posters, original artwork, props, and even fake dead cats. Any amount helps. If you feel you can’t pledge anything but still want to support us, you can do so by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, or emailing the project link to friends that may be interested. You are helping us enormously just by getting the word out there!

We have only 29 days left to reach our target, so please help us spread the word and raise the funds!

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