Alvin Purple (1973) is a bawdy, silly romp well deserving of its place as an importantant piece of Ozploitation history. Alvin Rides Again — its first sequel — does not fair so well. Alvin Rides Again makes the mistake of breaking the mould of its predecessor, throwing sex comedy to the wayside and replacing it with a messy plot of gangsters and doppelgangers. It’s a total fucking disaster, but fascinating nonetheless.

Before the plot gets in the way, the sequel actually starts quite well. It focuses on Alvin’s goofy antics, and there’s plenty of ridiculous gags and boobs. In a particularly funny (and stupid) sequence, Alvin comes up with a plan to deal with the endless supply of women that want to have sex with him by sending them to his friend’s hotel room. Hilarity ensues as several frumpy maids are accidentally sent to the room (Alvin’s pal still has sex with them). Finally, a bellboy appears and becomes involved in Alvin’s rubbish scheme. The clip below is one that perhaps only fellow Aussies will get a kick out of, because the bellboy is none other than John-Michael Howson — a familiar hammy face from Australian television. Howson camps it up something terrible in this role and creates what is probably the movie’s cringiest moment. Watch it if you dare.