I have been spending a lot of time of late focusing on Latin American graphic design, so when it came to the poster of the week, I thought it would be nice to offer an example following the theme. This beautiful poster for 1967’s Cara a Cara was created by Brazilian design luminary, Eduardo Muñoz Bachs. Bachs was a self-taught designer and children’s book illustrator who provided his idiosyncratic style to over 2000 movie posters. Much of his work follows the simplistic yet striking painted example you see below. Similarities to eastern European poster design from the same period are obvious, yet Bachs’ work certainly has a Latin American flair, particularly with its use of colour.

Cara a Cara AKA: Face to Face

Movie: Cara a Cara AKA: Face to Face
Director: Júlio Bressane
Country of movie: Brazil
Year of movie: 1967
Country of poster: Brazil