Horror movie pranksters are nothing new. Most formulaic slasher films will feature at least one socially inept jerk who provides a few fake-scares and receives cheers of delight when his or her (usually his) inevitable death takes place. The horror movie prankster is generally not the film’s star and lurks among the supporting cast. Purani Haveli: Mansion of Evil, a Ramsay Brothers classic from 1989, breaks the mould by making its leading man (Deepak Parashar) an irritable master of pranks. This moustachioed dickhead has to be among the worst heroes in cinema history. Generally, the horror movie prankster has the good sense to quit with the pranks once it becomes apparent that people have actually died. Not Deepak Parashar. Parashar terrifies his poor girlfriend (Amita Nangia), who is already legitimately fearing for her life, half to death, and still manages to score a make-out session. What the hell, Bollywood?