So I know I’ve used Mondo Exploito’s Clip of the Week articles as a bit of an outlet for my love of horrible English speaking actors appearing in Asian films and I’ve absolutely bombarded you with clips, but I really do think this one takes the cake. Below is some choice moments from Wong Jing produced CAT III shocker Raped by an Angel (1993), which Pierre reviewed ages ago. These clips are taken from a lengthy sequence centring on a court trial — the case is, as you’d probably guess from the movie’s name, a rape case. The grim proceedings are regularly interrupted by the worst judge to ever grace the silver screen. The actor playing the role is essentially a puppet. He opens and closes his maw with a blank expression on his face while someone else, who clearly doesn’t have the best grasp of English, stammers out his lines in a studio. It truly is a thing of beauty. Substained!