I’m not going to pretend I understand why it took three people to direct this film, but I kind of love that it did. Everything about The Navy vs The Night Monsters screams “ill-conceived monster movie”. I’m sure at the very least it was rare to posit the navy as the hero against ungodly creatures. The poster itself is an impeccably painted example of the genre, typifying everything we have come to expect from such design (namely, a promise no film can really live up to). I do find it curious that the only form of attack really depicted on the poster is courtesy of fighter jets, which seems more aligned to the air force. In any event, enjoy the poster.

The Navy vs The Night Monsters

Movie: The Navy vs. the Night Monsters
Director: Michael A. Hoey, Jon Hall and Arthur C. Pierce
Country of movie: US
Year of movie: 1966
Country of Poster: US