Anyone who knows me will tell you that ‘Scary Glove Films’ are among my favourite genre. Rather than obfuscate the impact of a scary glove behind stylish titles, Ross Hagen’s The Glove celebrates its obsession with scary gloves. One glance at this poster will tell one thing before it even tries to tell you anything else… this film IS about a scary glove. I couldn’t tell you why the central figure in this poster is wearing what appears to be a fencer’s outfit because I haven’t moved beyond the scary glove yet. Remember, everyone… if you ever encounter someone wearing a scary glove, take a few steps back to avoid whatever damage such a scary glove can inflict. if you ever have the opportunity to wear a scary glove, perhaps reconsider. One never knows where such a foolhardy decision may lead.

The Glove

Movie: The Glove
Director: Ross Hagen
Country of movie: USA
Year of movie: 1979
Country of Poster: USA