This week in Show Me Face, I have decided to share one of my favourite Hong Kong movie posters of all time. Below is the poster for Sentenced to Hang. While far from one of my favourite HK films, I was inspired to take a punt on buying the DVD of this after witnessing the stunning cover art. The film doesn’t feature any wolf men, but it does feature hanging and some pretty heavy drama (following two acts of absurd comedy of course). A strange mess of a movie, Sentenced to Hang seems to have been inappropriately blessed with this great piece of painted artwork. I mean seriously how nastily brilliant is this poster?! You have the three leads presented as hanging wolves, the overweight one already dead, while his two friends scream in agony, the friend on the far right with his pants falling down and and pissing himself. That is some classic poster art. In fact, it actually makes me want to sit down and give this movie a re-watch and reassess.

So enjoy the poster, watch the movie if you can be bothered, oh and check out this great blog I found while looking for a decent image of the Sentenced to Hang artwork. The blog is called Hong Kong Movie Posters and serves as an archive of HK film artwork, featuring an awesome array of new and old stuff.