1983, George Bowers

Matt Lattanzi, who played some guy called Brad in Grease 2, stars in this thoroughly mediocre teen sex comedy from the early days of the 80s. Light on the funnies, boobs and all that other stuff that makes 80s cinema great, My Tutor delivers little worth remembering. Except for one thing, but I’ll get to that shortly. The movie follows the story of Bobby Chrystal, a virgin who wants to get laid and through fairly minimal effort manages to do so with the aid of his French tutor who is significantly older than him. They end up having a secret relationship and, well, the usual complications occur. I think he’s flunking school or something and there’s some sort of friction going on with his dad or whatever. It’s all quite standard.

What is not standard, however is the criminally underused side character of Jack played by mystifying screen legend Crispin Glover. Jack is apparently somewhat of a nerdy sidekick to Brad, but you wouldn’t know from Glover’s madcap performance. In fact Glover steals every scene he is in. But what else is new? If you don’t know who Crispin Glover is, please punch his name into YouTube and watch all the hilarity that he has created. Particularly of note, his interviews on Letterman.

Anyway, I was planning to put together a montage of all his scenes in My Tutor, but it seems another Crispin Glover fan has already beaten me to the punch and posted exactly that on YouTube. So please enjoy this montage of all the best scenes from My Tutor, and in fact all the scenes worth watching from that movie.