A quick post from me this week while I try to catch up on the unreasonable amount of work I have to do, but it’s a good one! Alison Maclean’s fantastic short film from 1989, ‘Kitchen Sink’ is a genuinely creepy masterpiece of low budget horror.

Here’s the synopsis from NZonScreen:

Director Alison Maclean’s surreal suburban nightmare burst onto the international scene with the same impact as the hairy monster from the plughole in the film. Starring a young Theresa Healey, the intense black and white short follows a home alone woman who struggles with a disturbing new arrival. Kitchen Sink debuted in Cannes in 1989 (the first New Zealand short to win selection), and won multiple awards worldwide. It is arguably the most successful short film to come from NZ; it screened as part of a 2005 ‘best of’ Sundance retrospective at MoMA.

I apologise for the brevity of this week’s post, but hopefully the following will absolve me to some extent. Please enjoy Alisin Mclean’s, ‘Kitchen Sink’.

Matthew Revert