Red King (レッドキング Reddo Kingu)

Ultraman, Episode 8: The Lawless Monster Zone

– corncob neck
– tiny, tiny face
– handsome smile

– murdering Pigmon
– tearing off Dorako’s wings (leading to his death)
– having his severed head flown into space by Ultraman
– relentless aggression


Ah Red King! The monster you love to hate! The first monster to slaughter poor old Pigmon! The monster who loves tearing off limbs and wings! The monster with a body seemingly made out of corn! It’s not hard to see why Red King is a fan favourite of the Ultraman universe. While he may have been easily dispatched into tiny pieces during his second appearance in the original Ultraman series, this is one mean kaijū.

Red King is ridiculous in the best possible way. With his awkwardly long neck, pimpled flesh and cold dead eyes, he shouldn’t really work. But there’s something undeniably lovable about this aggressive buffoon. Maybe it is simply that he’s clearly having the time of his life every time he’s onscreen. You can tell by his big, stupid grin that this is a giant monster who loves to fuck shit up. I mean, just look at every image in this article! That is one delighted expression!

Red King is a treat and a half. As soon as he rears his tiny little face, you know that you’re in for a particularly chaotic Ultraman episode. There will be guaranteed violent tearing off of monster body parts, lots of Godzilla-derived roars and far more action than usual. Red King is awesome. Now please enjoy this (recycled) clip of Red King murdering Pigmon…

(By the way, does anyone know why Red King is called Red King? That’s not a lead in to a fun fact or anything… I genuinely would like to know.)