About a week ago, I was chatting with Mondo’s head honcho, Dave, about the film, Fortress, which he had just posted a review of. I hadn’t read the review in question yet, so immediately assumed it was the 1992 film of the same name starring the inimitable, Christopher Lambert. We had been discussing it for quite some time before Dave said to me, ‘wait a minute… what film are you talking about?’. It was then I realised I had made a grave error. In my younger years, I watched this film a lot. More than one could consider reasonable. The Fortress I was thinking of (also shot in Australia, like the Fortress of Dave’s review) is set in a very early 90s version of the future. The prison system has been privatised into an Orwellian nightmare, where even your thoughts are controlled. All inmates are implanted with a device that will explode should they attempt to escape. Christopher Lambert is one such inmate, only he possess more moxy than most (as the dad from That 70s Show finds out). Throughout the film, inmates endure various forms of torture, including the one exemplified by this week’s clip. It is thought that a good way to keep inmates in line is to scramble their mental acuity using an apparatus that turns them in circles for days on end. One side-effect of this treatment are hallucinations. Prepare yourself for some truly unpleasant early 90s computer effects.