News of Jess Franco recent death has hit many cult films fan hard. Of his truly epic directorial output, I have personally seen a paltry amount. Of those I’ve seen however, a mark was definitely left. Films such as Vampyros Lesbos, 99 Women, The Awful Dr. Orloff  and A Virgin Among the Living Dead were important to my introduction to all things cult. These were the sort of films Australian broadcaster, SBS used to show on Saturday nights before it became the painfully diluted broadcaster it is today.

It could rightfully be said Franco was a sleaze-merchant, but he was an important sleaze-merchant who helped define exploitation cinema. I’ve never known of anyone who claims every Franco film is worth watching, but I know of no exploitation fans who don’t hold at least a few of his films close.

Given that I’m all about the sound of cinema, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to share a selection of scores from a very small portion of his many, many, many, many, many films. Enjoy.