Thanks, Japan!Noboru Iguchi is a prominent cult SPLATTER director from Japan. He has directed many great gorefest shenanigans including; The Machine Girl (2008), Mutant Girls Squad (2010), Robo Geisha (2009), The Ancient Doogoo Girl (201) and the nostalgic Karate-Robo Zaborgar (2011). Before doing “legitimate” movies, Iguchi started his caREAR as a AV (Adult Video) director. During this time he did some fairly standard movies but also had a panache for enema films. This might explain what led him to make the movie…

original title: ゾンビアス (Zonbiasu)
Japan, 2011, Noboru Iguchi

The movie starts out in a pretty standard 70s porn fashion. A multicolored-psychedelic-green-screen-journey through the digestive system is the backdrop to a hot girl dancing around to bass heavy cock rock and suggestively eating a hotdog. Nothing any of us haven’t seen before. Even the beams of light shooting out of her ass for emphasis are pretty standard. If you are looking for high brow artistic originality please TURN BACK NOW! With that out of the way let us continue, with how it begins. It starts with a group of teenagers going on a road trip and happen to be pASSing by some idyllic looking countryside. One of the characters (the token nerd) not five minutes into the movie, starts vomiting violently on the side of the road due to an upset stomach. The characters consist of The Hot Big Breasted Bitchy One, The Nerdy Guy, The Drug Taking Abusive Douchebag, His Submissive Girlfriend and of course The Downtrodden Heroine.

The Bitchy One decides she wants to go fishing as she hears that supermodels use tapeworms from inside fish to stay thin. Reluctantly they all go and the Heroine catches a fish for her and the Bitchy One gets her wish. Naturally she starts to feel sick and needs to relieve herself which is one of the things that leads them to find an abandoned house with a porter potty, which is when the real SHIT goes down, so to speak.

I wont go too much into what happens in the movie as there are some ASSumptions that can be made about the plot and there are a few genuine surprises peppered throughout. Firstly it doesn’t look as low budget as I thought it would and actually has some nice cinematographical moments which come from Iguchi’s many years of directing. The acting, whilst over the top and terrible, is actually quite charming and funny. To my surprise there are also a couple of heartfelt moments in the movie, which obviously get ruined by a gratuitous ass-shot/boob-shot/grope/fart/all of the above.

This was actually really a fun experience for me and will be for any fan of Troma. It is a horror and Japanese film trope machine worthy of any true fanboy or girl. If you know anyone who is uptight about farting or pooping then this Crapsploitation classic is the cure, your modesty will be flushed down the toilet faster than, well, you know. I’m sure you have been groaning at the bad puns more than a zombie in heat but let me leave you with some possible taglines for a potential future DVD release.

“I was left happier than a pig in SHIT!”
“I was BOWL-ed over with laughter!”
“Brought the funny straight from the DUNNY!”
(for my Australian friends)

I will stop torturing you now, only if you go and see this movie straight away and read my next review, when it comes out, of the movie Battle Girl.


Outside of Japan, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead is available for pre-order in a Region 1 DVD from the generally reliable Tokyo Shock. The disc will be released late June.