Mondo Exploito delves deep into stinking celluloid crevices in search of the bizarre, the sick, the violent, the absurd, the stupid and, of course, the exploitative. These are movies that are generally ignored, occasionally reviled and usually beloved by tiny sects of (fellow) fruit loops. The films explored on Mondo Exploito come from all over the world and range from the most twisted Asian, Latin and European nasties to the gentlest of PG monster movies. Mondo Exploito is not here to critique. It is here to salivate over the exploitative excesses of cinema’s shame.      

Mondo Exploito is written by:

David Jackson harbors a lifelong obsession with horror and exploitation. It began innocently with Gremlins and Hammer films and blossomed into a cesspit of Troma and Lucio Fulci in his teens. While enjoying all aspects of horror and exploitation, Dave’s current trashy interests lean towards movies with giant monsters, swamps, and floating severed heads.

Dave is also responsible for creating his own video filth. Dave co-directed a horrible piece of shit called Cannibal Suburbia, which is sadly available on DVD in America. In 2011, Dave co-created, co-wrote and directed Fever Dreams and Gav’s Garden – two television shows with stupidly short running times. These silly shows were followed by a silly spin-off Serving Up Scrab in 2012. He has also dabbled in comics, writing and editing three issues of a filthy rag called Modern Gentlemen.

Recently Dave has been working on a handful of features including Cat Sick Blues. A short version of Cat Sick Blues premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival and has since gone on to play at several festivals around the globe. It won the Jury Prize for Best Short Film at Freakemacine Festival de Cine Sci-Fi y Fantástico 2013. The film is being produced by fellow Mondo Exploito scribe, Matthew C. Vaughan. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more information on its progress!


Matthew Revert is an author of disturbing nonsense. His writing explores the absurdity of everyday life and the hopelessness of being human. Themes of sexual failure, body horror, destructive relationships and gender identity often play a role in his work. This is intermingled with a thread of dark tragicomedy. He’s basically a filth-monger with heart.

His first book, A Million Versions of Right, was released in 2009 by LegumeMan and earned a Wonderland Book award nomination. It has garnered a strong following amongst the mustard set and has received praise for its width. In 2010, stories from A Million Versions of Right (as well as new work) appeared in the Bizarro Starter Kit (purple).

His second book, The Tumours Made Me Interesting, was released in November 2011 and has been receiving mega hype. His third book, How To Avoid Sex, will be released soon via Copeland Valley Press.

Matthew resides in Melbourne, Australia, which makes him Australian. Outside of writing, he works as a graphic designer. He is also in charge of the Spontaneous Vox Pop Society, having just completed a successful season of trouser-related questions.

If you would like to know more about Matthew Revert, contact your local civic centre for a guided tour.

Matthew C. Vaughan loves watching rubbish actors play rubbish heroes in Australian genre films from the 70s and 80s. He pines for the days when computer jizz didn’t ruin action films. He thinks a Brian Trenchard-Smith statue should be erected outside every Australia cinema and one in each cinema. If the statues block the screen so be it.

Matthew is a writer/producer and creates comedy with Greta Harrison for Touched by an Angle Grinder. Their web series include Dick Dribble and Totally Talls. His first screenplay, Get Black, was nominated for Best Unproduced Screenplay at the Inside Film Awards. He adds the C to his name because he shouldn’t keep taking credit for Kick-Ass, or Swept Away.


Chris Purdie is a man of many pseudonyms, but for the sake of keeping things simple, you can just call him Chris. His taste for horror was sparked around the age of five when his uncle would babysit and regularly expose him to classics such as Maniac Cop and The Evil Dead. This resulted in a quickly developed obsession with trashy 80s horror and extreme action starring men who took great pride in big hair. This culminated in a shameful confession that he once stole the late British comedian Bob Monkhouse’s copy of Phantasm 3. This obsession still pulsates away, 20 years later and shows no sign of getting better.

Chris is a writer, filmmaker and composer. His band, Merrin, perform horror soundtracks in front of movies around the UK.
He is also a music video director, creating short films for experimental, avant-garde and heavy metal bands that are designed specifically to hurt your eyes and ears equally.

He lives in London and rates John Carpenter as the King of Everything.

You can contact him at:


Mikey doesn’t get the pleasure of adding a list of credits or books produced to his bio like other writers, but between his passion for horror and pile of unfinished horror screenplays he’s more than qualified to dig up shitty old movies and tell you why they’re awesome. Growing from a stuck up horror nerd in his youth to a schlock obsessed man-child in adulthood, his collection grew from the obvious Halloween and The Thing DVDs to several hundred movies even he hadn’t heard of.

When he’s sedated enough to focus on modern horror you can find him on where everything from the latest mainstream ghost story rehashes to the indie movies you haven’t heard of for a reason are discussed and reviewed.



What can’t be said about Ken Kaba? He does it all, he is a professional hamster wrangler, de-licer to the stars, he doesn’t hesitate make out with your grandma and can telepathically communicate with female slugs. He dwells in a surprisingly dry cave in the bowels of a defunct volcano in Japan, living off whatever scraps his army of hamsters fetch for him. A hater of hats and a lover of loaves this man can be both sensitive and extremely god damn sensitive at the exact same time. Say his name thrice when you look into the mirror and he shall not appear, DO YOU DARE DO IT?! I think not…


Lucas Di Quinzio once had something approaching a respectable taste in movies, but a fateful viewing of Plan 9 From Outer Space introduced him to terrible movies and Not Quite Hollywood showed him that there was more to Australian movies than depressing dramas. Now his shelf is filled with fantastically terrible movies, the finest in Aussie trash, over-the-top Japanese gore, and quite a lot of Nicolas Cage.

Lucas is a writer, editor and dick joke maker who is the editor-in-chief of literary journal The Morning Bell and the author of the upcoming book A Day at the Park, a twisted, (hopefully) funny take on a children’s picture book.


Gabino Iglesias was born in Puerto Rico, did a bit of growing up in Spain and somehow ended up in Austin, Texas. He is a writer, journalist, and PhD student, although most of his time is spent reading and reviewing books. His work has been published in The New York Times, the Austin Post, Business Today, San Antonio Magazine, El Nuevo Día, Bizarro Central, Austin Vida, CultureMap Austin, Paragraph Line, Divergent Magazine, MicroHorror, The Horn, and Black Heart Magazine, where he is also the Poetry Editor. His fiction has also appeared in a few bizarro and horror anthologies. His book reviews have appeared in HorrorTalk, Zouch Magazine, Horrorphilia, the Lovecraft eZine, The Horror Review, Buzzy Mag, and others.

When it comes to cinema, Gabino mercilessly pummels his eyes and brain with magnificent visual drivel ranging from horror to latsploitation. When no one is around, he watches found footage horror films, old martial arts movies, and quirky documentaries that have never been nominated for anything. If you have nothing better to do, feel free to reach him at or via Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.


Thor was birthed with a mighty lightening strike in the backwoods of Sweden. When he grew older thankfully he had the chance to escape the log cabin him and his family resided in and set up a homestead in the sunny, tropical climate of the Netherlands where he’s resided ever since.

At a young age he had a burning desire to tell stories and after becoming obsessed with John Carpenter’s filmography (this was before Ghosts of Mars mind) decided film was the best medium to scratch his itch.

After graduating from film school in Paris and chasing his dream for many along year, it was only recently he realized it was time to wake up and smell the coffee and now does lots of crap work so him and his wife can survive (and support his heroine addiction of course). He still has an unrestrained love for all types of cinema, especially thoughtful, artsy films that involve exploding heads, bare breasts and spinning kicks.


Max Berwald is a San Francisco writer and cinephile of the most adventuresome variety. He has worked at the illustrious Office of Letters and Light, and runs his own nasty little film blog called Alt Feedback. Max loves classic art house, contemporary art house, 60’s anything, and psychedelic 60’s Japanese crime flicks. He spends a lot of time shuffling around his truly epic Netflix que, drinking ginger tea and white coffee, hiking around his beautiful city, and writing furiously.

Pierre is an avid action movie fanatic, most notably obsessed with Hong Kong’s special brand of action filmmaking. He also happens to be a lover of most things animated, horror films with practical effects and 1980s teen comedies. It is fueled by these loves, and heavy doses of sugar, that he creates drawings and paintings of all manner of absurd subjects.

Pierre is partly responsible for many a spray painted mural around town, which he does with a crew of gentleman who, at this stage will remain unnamed, as well as numerous comics, illustrations and paintings that galleries kindly exhibit when he gets them done on time for shows. He also co-created the short TV programs, Fever Dreams and Gav’s Garden with Dave Jackson, and provided he can get his good self together, will be creating a very short animated series for the best channel on Australian TV to air later this year.

If you give him money, Pierre will be your new best friend. You can see some of his drawings and different things posted sporadically on: