Mondo Exploito is permanently on the look out for new contributors. The qualities in a writer we look for are:

1. Writers with a strong knowledge of their subject.
2. Writers who enjoy the films they’re watching. This might seem obvious, but we prefer contributors that have fun with films rather than sourly talking about how “bad” they are.
3. Writers who use humour to some degree.
4. An added bonus would be a writer who can write regularly (a fortnightly article would be ideal) and be punctual with posts.

We’re rather strict with what we write about. The focus of Mondo Exploito is the weird and the obscure, covering many genres. The only time we tend to talk about more widely seen films is in the regular article Destroying My Future and From the Hammer Vaults. While we write a lot about the horror genre, an article about something like Evil Dead 2 (as much as we love it) would be inappropriate for Mondo Exploito. Before contacting us, you might want to familiarise yourself with our regular articles and the sorts of films we review. We are also open to new regular articles if you have a genre or country you’d like to focus on.

This is not a paid gig. No one makes a cent from Mondo Exploito. It’s all for the love of trash!

If you’re interested in writing for Mondo Exploito, please contact Dave with a writing sample and an idea of what you’d like to write about.