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Champion of Death - US poster

Champion of Death – US poster

Man, Sonny Chiba really hates animals.
Sharks' Treasure (1975)

Sharks’ Treasure (1975)

Sharks' Treasure is the most off-putting, jarring cinematic nightmare I've seen in some time. And I'm not even sure if that's a bad thing.
Spider Monster (蜘蛛怪)

Spider Monster (蜘蛛怪)

I'm not going to lie to you. This article is an excuse to tell you to watch The Super Inframan.
The Fireworks Woman (1975)

The Fireworks Woman (1975)

I watched this purely for the Craven connection, but even with a famed and talented director was at the helm, I most certainly did not expect this to be a good porn film. I really, really dug this.
Butt-biting vampire

Butt-biting vampire

I assumed the outrageous image of Lando Buzzzanca sinking his teeth into a naked lady's ass found on the Dracula in the Provinces poster was purely a bit of lurid false advertising. Having now seen the film, I can happily say that assumption was wrong.
Autopsy aka The Victim - US poster

Autopsy aka The Victim – US poster

This poster for Armando Crispino's 1975 Giallo Autopsy (aka The Victim) is beautifully executed. I particularly love the circular motif used for the O.
3AM - US poster

3AM – US poster

Another great vintage porn poster from the Westwood Films stable. I know I post a lot of these, but I just love them so much.
I Don't Want to Be Born - UK poster

I Don’t Want to Be Born – UK poster

I stumbled upon this batshit crazy for the UK film I Don't Want to Be Born and instantly fell in love with it. The hand-headed scissor wielding baby is perhaps the single most astonishing graphic element I have ever seen.
Breaking Point - Pornografisk Thriller (1975)

Breaking Point – Pornografisk Thriller (1975)

Whether you love Quentin Tarantino or flat out hate him, you have to appreciate the exposure he’s brought to movies that most likely would have spent their remaining years rotting away in someone’s cellar rather than being dug out for HD transfers. I quite like Tarantino. I do find his “referencing” a little overbearing at...