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Watermelon massacre

Watermelon massacre

If Mr. Majestyk taught me anything it is do not... I repeat... do not fuck with Charles Bronson's watermelons.
Kathleen Wilhoite's creative insults

Kathleen Wilhoite’s creative insults

Wilhoite pumps out some of the most gloriously creative insults I've ever heard. I can't decide on my favourite. It's either "dinosaur dork" or "jizzum breath".
Someone Behind the Door - US poster

Someone Behind the Door – US poster

Last week I picked up a cheap set of films starring the great Charles Bronson. The set features three films I have never seen, so needless to say, I’m excited. The back cover of this cheap set features microscopic images of the poster for each film. Even in stamp-sized from, the poster for one film,...
Death Hunt (1981)

Death Hunt (1981)

  DEATH HUNT USA, 1981, Peter Hunt Charles Bronson (RIP) is my favourite action star of all time. His stone face and dry delivery made for one of the most badass everyman action heroes going around. Whether it be war classics, westerns or sleazy 1980’s crime vehicles, Bronson was badass through and through. Even in...
Death Wish 3 - Italian poster

Death Wish 3 – Italian poster

Death Wish 3 is an awesome movie. It’s insane from start to finish with copious amounts of death and destruction. Bronson is at his blank-faced, one-liner best and any subtlety found in the excellent first entry is nowhere to be found. Only Italy – with their wonderfully lurid movie promoting – is suited to deliver...