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Massage Parlor Murders! (1973)

Massage Parlor Murders! (1973)

Massage Parlor Murders! is fucking great. It delivers on sleaze and stupidity. The death scenes are filthy and crass. The nudity is rampant and gratuitous. The performances are big and stupid.
Flesh and Lace (1965)

Flesh and Lace (1965)

Flesh and Lace is premium sleaze, entertaining from start to finish.
Scorpio 70 - US poster

Scorpio 70 – US poster

This is one of those posters I had to spend several minutes looking at to ensure I was definitely a part of waking life and not merely dreaming.
Evils of the Night - US poster

Evils of the Night – US poster

Combine that synopsis with the following beautiful poster and we could have one of the greatest films ever made on our hands. We don't, of course... but we could.
Teenage Milkmaid - US poster

Teenage Milkmaid – US poster

Will you get a load of that tagline! It really seems like quite a stretch to me... Project a vaguely erotic notion on the concept of milkmaids and then see how far such a spurious notion can be pushed.
Africa Anal - Italian poster

Africa Anal – Italian poster

While browsing the amazing Westgate Gallery collection, I came across a poster that made me laugh very hard: AFRICA ANAL! I have no clue where this movie is from or when it was made, but I love, love, LOVE its obnoxious poster!
The Laughing Woman - US poster

The Laughing Woman – US poster

Where would we be without the whimsical joy if Italian sexploitation? This US poster contains so many design elements that I respond to, it's a surprise I haven't already featured it here.
Dr. Sex - US poster

Dr. Sex – US poster

Thanks to the efforts of the ever-wonder, Something Weird, Dr. Sex is one of those 60s sexploitation curios that hasn’t been lost to time. As it quite often the case with the sexploitation posters I make a habit of posting here, I haven’t seen the film in question. I really don’t know how it could...
Nude on the Moon - US poster

Nude on the Moon – US poster

This beautiful poster represents the era of sexual exploitation’s first real discovery. It’s quaint and incredibly striking. While sexploitation posters would abandon this more minimal approach in the years to come, it’s nice to revisit this style and reflect upon just how well it could work. It’s undeniably sexual without being overly crass. A thing...