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El Satanico - Mexican poster

El Satanico – Mexican poster

There is nothing about this poster I am not deeply in love with. From the hyper madness to the anatomical impossibilities. I love Mexico. Movie: El Satanico Director: José Díaz Morales Country of movie: Mexico Year of movie: 1968 Country of poster: Mexico
One of the many dance montages from Murder Rock

One of the many dance montages from Murder Rock

Murder Rock (1984) – or Dancing Death – is a seriously underrated effort from the late great Fulci. While not quite as good as his better known works, it’s surprisingly entertaining with a serviceable plot and creepy death scenes. And there’s just something hilariously hypnotic about its many dance scenes. The overly sweaty bodies, the...
Shark's Paradise (1986)

Shark’s Paradise (1986)

Sometimes a movie comes along that is so completely insane that it feels like a dream. The amazing Shark’s Paradise falls into that category. This is a film that makes no sense – not in its storyline, which is straightforward albeit quite mad, but simply because it exists.   SHARK’S PARADISE Australia, 1986, Michael Jenkins...