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The Laughing Woman - US poster

The Laughing Woman – US poster

Where would we be without the whimsical joy if Italian sexploitation? This US poster contains so many design elements that I respond to, it's a surprise I haven't already featured it here.
Airborne horse dick!

Airborne horse dick!

Sex and Zen is a great film. It's funny and nicely shot, it sports a solid cast (which includes Amy Yip's elusive side-boobs), and, most importantly, its main plot revolves around a small-dicked character who has his penis replaced with a horse's cock.
Viras (バイラス Bairasu)

Viras (バイラス Bairasu)

Viras stands alongside weirdos like Hedorah as one of the oddest looking kaijū in monster movie history. A deformed squib with the face of a bird, there's something strangely creepy about the big lug.
The Alcove - French poster

The Alcove – French poster

I love everything about this poster of Joe D'Amato's L'alcova. The boxed off artwork, the bold yellow title and the partly exposed boobs make for a fantastically sleazy image.
Elke Sommer's scream

Elke Sommer’s scream

Elke Sommer is great as Baron Blood's leading lady and delivers some incredible, bloodcurdling screams. The clip below is her screeching highlight with its nerve-racking delay and Sommer's fingers-in-mouth expression of terror.