Herschell Gordon Lewis’s Color Me Blood Red (1965) is the least discussed of his unofficial “Blood Trilogy”, though, in my books, it’s one of his best. One of the best and worst things about it is a pair of repulsive characters: Sydney (Pat Finn-Lee) and Jack (Jim Jaekel). Sydney and Jack are the couple everyone hates, constantly joking between themselves and so disgustingly attached at the hip they’ve become the same person. Jack and Sydney take it one step further by dressing in matching outfits. Just look at this shit:

That’s not the clip of the week, by the way, just a brief introduction to my favourite line of the film uttered by Jack. Towards the end of the film, while seeking out firewood, Sydney and Jack accidentally dig up the corpse of one of the killer’s victims. Jack’s reaction takes things to Burt Ward levels of lunacy.