Death Wish 3 is an awesome movie. It’s insane from start to finish with copious amounts of death and destruction. Bronson is at his blank-faced, one-liner best and any subtlety found in the excellent first entry is nowhere to be found. Only Italy – with their wonderfully lurid movie promoting – is suited to deliver the perfect poster for a film as wild as Death Wish 3. But Italy went above and beyond for this amazing (and gigantic) poster. Pierre and I love this poster so much that we parodied it in an issue of our comic. I can’t tell you how happy this poster makes me. I think if I saw it in its full 55″ by 77″ size, my heart would probably explode. Thanks, Italy.

Movie: Death Wish 3
Director: Michael Winner
Country of movie: USA
Year of movie: 1985
Country of poster: Italy
Size: 4-Sheet (55″ x 77″)