If you haven’t listened to The Flop House Podcast, I highly recommend dropping everything and devouring their entire back catalogue. Right now. It is a bad movie podcast like no other with its entertainment value coming from the incredible tangents that episodes take. Each episode ends with its three hosts recommending a movie they actually liked to prove they aren’t movie-hating assholes. Stuart Wellington, one third of The Flop House (or one quarter if you include The Flop House House Cat), has the hilarious habit of repetitively recommending the same three movies: Castle Freak, Head of the Family, and The Invisible Maniac. Wellington’s claim that the titular Invisible Maniac of The Invisible Maniac kills a guy with a submarine sandwich had me very much intrigued, but I was also nervous considering he also claimed the titular Castle Freak of Castle Freak “rips his own ding dong off” — something that does not happen. Happily, I had nothing to fear as I can confirm that yes, The Invisible Maniac features someone getting killed by a submarine sandwich. And it’s easily the best part of this shitty, shitty movie.