This is one of those astonishing curiosities that boggles my mind in the best possible way. The Italian poster for Massacre at Central High has literally NOTHING to do with the film and has been hilariously re-titled Sexy Jeans. I mean… look at the title font. IT HAS TOENAILS. Let’s extrapolate further on the utterly arbitrary nature of this film/poster pairing. Even under the rebranding of Sexy Jeans, this poster is still inaccurate. Maybe they should have called it Sexy Denim Shorts. This is the sort of absurdist mess I live for.

Sexy Jeans

Movie: Massacre at Central High AKA Sexy Jeans
Director: Rene Daalder (as Renee Daalder)
Country of movie: USA
Year of movie: 1976
Country of Poster: Italy