I was planning to write about Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974) in this From the Hammer Vaults entry, but unfortunately I simply have not had the time. Instead I will share with you a humiliating death scene courtesy of Hammer’s The Camp on Blood Island (1958). The last Hammer article I wrote about was The Secret of Blood Island (1964), in it I mentioned The Camp on Blood Island; another film featuring white guys dressed up as Japanese guys. In both films, Michael Ripper – the ultimate Hammer actor – is smeared with yellow face paint in order to play Japanese soldiers. His role in The Camp on Blood Island is significantly smaller than that in The Secret of Blood Island, but also significantly more ridiculous. Michael Ripper plays a gentle Japanese driver, a man who would prefer to be friends with the British prisoners. His death scene in the film made me laugh extremely hard – both because of its brutality and Ripper’s friendly demeanour. Please enjoy it in its out of context glory: