Today I thought, rather than pour focus on one particular score of composer, I’d take a little tour of scores from the horror genre. The idea is to simply sit back and listen. I will list the composer of each should you want to explore them further. The horror film is one wherein the music typifies the genre. You can tell a horror film from the theme that plays over the credits. Although predictable, there is a definite joy when such music connects with all those neural horror pathways in your brain.

He Knows You’re Alone (1980)
Composer: Alexander Peskanov and Mark Peskanov

Just Before Dawn (1981)
Composer: Brad Fiedel

The House on Sorority Row
Composer: Richard Band

Slaughter High (1986)
Soundtrack: Harry Manfredini

Cujo (1983)
Composer: Charles Bernstein

The Lift (1983)
Composer: Dick Maas

Maniac (1980)
Composer: Jay Chattaway

Humongous (1982)
Soundtrack: Harry Manfredini

Composer: Fuzzbee Morse

The Burning (1981)
Composer: Rick Wakeman