In my journey to find ridiculous Godzilla posters, I came across some truly insane posters from Pakistan. Unlike the hand-painted and endearing silliness of Ghanaian advertisements or the flat out brilliant painted chaos of Thai posters, these posters are just plain ridiculous. It is almost as if the designers went out of their way to make the most stupid and mistake-ridden posters possible. With text that makes no sense, failed titles and images that have nothing to do with the movie, these are some truly mind-blowing works of art.

The 80s remake of The Blob... or The Hog... starring Shwanee Smith!

This one wins (loses) for having images from the actual movie

What on earth is is that on the bottom left? And the girl?

I actually bought this one... don't judge me

Critters in Special Cops... CRITTERS IN SPECIAL COPS!

I admit, Dog Soldiers would have been far better with baboons