Joysticks is one of those movies that, by law, I HAVE to like because it is, in some sense, about old videogames. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. The Wizard is a profound, life-changing movie, and Joysticks is the pinnacle of comedic genius. You can present me with all the empirical truth to the contrary you like. I’ll just respond with a resonant raspberry that continue to sound off for years after the fact. So now that we understand how great Joysticks is, I’d like to share the following scene with you. This scene contains no giddy montages of early-80s arcade game frenzy; rather it is a depiction of youth. One that foreshadows the emergence of Gregg Araki’s Oblivion Trilogy by ten years. here we see a VERY NORMAL teenage girl who just wants to go out and have fun – something her father is more than happy to financially oblige… as long as it doesn’t involve a visit to the EVIL video arcade!