A couple of nights ago, I had a few pals over for a fantastic bad movie double bill of Traxx (1988) and Strike Commando (1987). While Traxx was the crowd favourite, Strike Commando had a lot to offer including plenty of screaming of the villain’s name (JAKODAAAA!), heartfelt discussions about Disneyland, and Reb “Captain America” Brown sobbing and shooting his way through the film. Yeah, it was great, but I’d expect no less from the dream team of Bruno Mattei and his best pal, Claudio Fragasso. Reb Brown spends much of the movie screaming, so it’s appropriate that pretty much every poster for Strike Commando features the hero opened mouthed and furious. Here’s the awesome Italian poster.

Movie: Strike Commando
Director: Bruno Mattei
Country of movie: Italy
Year of movie: 1987
Country of poster: Italy