I wanted to kick things off with a bang in 2016, and what better way than with a clip from Tim Kincaid’s The Occultist (1988), or, as it’s known in Australia, Waldo Warren: Private Dick Without a Brain. If you have not yet seen The Occultist, HOLY SHIT. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW. FIND IT, WATCH IT, COME BACK A CHANGED PERSON. Alongside a lengthy career in mostly dad themed gay porn, Tim Kincaid has made many a schlocky masterpiece (Robot Holocaust, Breeders), but none in my mind come close to The Occultist. It is relentless in its lunacy, so much so that I feel that a review could never capture its true beauty. For a brief taster, check out this fight scene. It is among the funniest and strangest things I’ve ever seen.